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Weddings / Events

Capture this important day with candid shots that showcase the excitement, portraits that encapsulate the memories of the guests who shared the day with you, and 360 degree virtual tours that highlight your beautiful decor!

I am upfront with my prices and provide only Professional service. You will get myself as the primary photographer. Lets chat.


Prices start at:

  • $1450.00 for 4 hours - This price may not be available during the summer months, dependent on bookings.

  • $2100.00 for 8 hours

  • $2500.00 for all day

  • $150.00 to add a 360 degree view of your venue

  • 2nd photographer. Add $750

  • Travel expenses may be added based upon location


More info: 

  • All photos will have full post production photo correction using the latest Adobe products.

  • All photos taken will be given to you without a watermark in high resolution jpeg format. 

  • One photographer is included in the above prices, in my eyes that’s all you need. For larger weddings, an additional photographer can be arranged if requested. 

  • A self-serve photo booth can also be included for an additional charge. 

  • Travel photography for a destination wedding or other events can start at no cost, provided travel accommodations are setup.

  • Contract and down payment are required to book.


Please contact me to chat.


Showcase your talent as an athlete or highlight an amazing event. High detail, action shots that simply can't be done with a iphone. 


Sports photography avalible for a sinlge event, a competion or for media publications. Will travel with the athlete or competition to capture action shots, lifestyle photos, product shoots etc. 


Prices are avalible upon request and vary based on the type of photos and location required. 



360 Virtual Tours

Consider an amazing 360 photo to showcase your event! For example, a 360 virtual tour of your wedding venue to showcase your decor (think google street view - allowing you to click around a space and see it from all angles). 


360 virtual tours of a space are also great ways to highlight real estate. For example, highlight a homes landscaping with a virtual tour of a homes backyard. 


Prices for 360 virtual tours start at:

  • $150.00 for a small venue or home (approx 1000 sq ft.)

  • $200.00 for a small venue or home (approx 1000 sq ft.) plus point of interest photos of each area/room.


More info: 

  • All applicable files will be given to run the 360 degree on your computer and to upload to a website.


Encapsulate lifes moments with a professional photographer. For example, capture a candid shot during a marriage proposal to remember his/her reaction! Get the perfect photo of yourself or others anytime anywhere.


Prices start at:

  • $250.00 for one hour.

  • $150 dollars per each additional hour. 


More info:

  • All photos taken will be given to you without a watermark.

  • Please contact me to set up a consultation for larger jobs. 

  • All photos edited and given as High Res JPEG photo. 

Video Production

Short, creative videos are a great way to promote your business or event.


Prices start at:

  • $800.00 for a short video (<1 minute)


More info: 

  • Price includes 4 hours of video recording and full editing.

  • Video shot in HD video @24fpm, 30.

  • Please contact me to set up a consultation for larger jobs. 

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