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Hello I'm Chris, a passionate, innovative, fun and positive guy who just happens to excel at photography. 

Let's take some photos together!


Photography for me started at 6 years old with a bright orange film camera from a Burger King giveaway. I was hooked on taking photos right then and there. I still have this passion for photography today.


I started my photography career taking photos of outdoor landscapes for my company, ikon Landscaping. With my partner, we designed and built some of the top landscapes around the Waterloo region in Southwestern Ontario. Design and photography go hand in hand. This made a natural progression to photography as a full-time profession. I now have the pleasure of shooting commercial ads, actions sports, memorable weddings, Google Street-view and school portraits.  As an awarded portrait and published action photographer I still get an adrenaline rush every time I go to shoot photos.

Feel free to contact me to discuss your needs. I am a professional, flexible, creative and passionate individual who loves the challenge that each new shoot brings.


Say Cheese!

- Chris


  1. Voted Top 25 Photographer, 2016 Lifetouch Photography. 

    • ​This award is chosen out of thousands of photographers in North America. This award is judged by selecting 25 randomly chosen portrait photos.

  2. Numerous commercial ads including Dakine, Subway, Purina, Listerine, BIC Flex5 razors, Carfax, Nicorette, Clorox Bleach, Best Kiteboarding and 7-up to name a few! 

  3. Published photos in both print and online magazines including Kiteworld, The Kite Mag, Kitespain Magazine and Kitesurfing Magazine 

  4. Shot some of the most noted properties in Ontario, Canada for Google Street View. Take a look at a few on Google Maps and Google Search.

    • Vaughn Mills Mall, Toronto - Mills

    • Blue Mountain Village, Collingwood, Winter and Summer - Blue Mountain

    • Omni King Edward Hotel, Toronto - Omni King Edward

    • Prince of Wales, Niagara on the Lake - Prince of Wales

  5. Articles written on my photo shoots

    • Google Street view of Blue Mountain in winter - The Simcoe

    • The Kite Mag -  A 2 Page Spread which highlighted how I captured some epic action photos for Professional Kiteboarder Sam Medesky

  6. Chosen as a volunteer for Press Operations at the Rio 2016 Olympics to support all Press and Photography related to the Rio Olympic Arena area of Gymnastics. 

  7. Multiple radio interviews on a Winnipeg Radio Show about my Rio2016 Press Operations as a Volunteer for the Rio Olympics.

  8. Shot some amazing weddings and family portraits and met some amazing people along the way! 

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